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"Everything went to shit. Asuka is dead, Love is already miles away from here... we need to tell Katashi about it."

The Introduction is the first storyline mission. The mission serves as a tutorial mission, teaching new players how to control the game, as well as explains what happened after the events of Grand Theft Auto III.


The mission begins with Aleksander Szałek under the construction site, talking on the phone with Donald Love. Love tells you to go upstairs. Once Alex goes there, he sees Claude looking sadly at Asuka's body. Olek sees the situation and seems shocked. Without thinking he asks Claude if it wasn't him that killed her, but he nods and runs away. Alex checks on her, but she's dead. Then he gets his facts together and quickly runs back to his Yakuza Stinger.




Completion of the mission unlocks the Portland Safehouse and automatically triggers the mission Luigi's Girls.


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