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TheN00ster - Texture modifications

Aztecas_5 - Vehicle modelling, weapon support

Darth - Pedestrian creator, weapon creator

Edi - Co-Creator, Artwork creator, vehicle modding

FidoX -Ped rigging, vehicle modelling, support

Frank.s - Ped rigging, VC native LC support, simple vehicle modding,

Jeansowaty - Co-Creator, MVL managment

Silver aka Uzi - Weapon modifications



The protagonist will be Alex, a Polish-Japanese member of the Yakuza, who works for Donald Love to later on murder him for killing Kenji. The plan fails after Love sends Alex to the construction site in Fort Staunton. He sees Asuka and Miguel dead, and as Asuka was his girlfriend, he is engraged at that. He comes back to Love's pad to make him squeal out why that happened, but instead he sees him escaping the project, and talking with the Oriental Gentleman from his car. After Love drives off, OG tries to shake Alex off, but Alex gives chase, and Love drives off to FIA, where he takes a Dodo plane to somewhere else. A few minutes later Alex is ambushed by some hitmen who wound him, and he is sent to the hospital. Later on he meets his friend Sebastian and they meet Kanbu to tell him about what happened.

Yakuza's downfallEdit

After Kanbu was told about the situation, he was appointed to lead the Yakuza. While Alex was working for Sebastian, he got killed by an unknown hitman. Somewhat later, the new leader became Koji Yamaguchi, Kanbu's cousin. He was an asshole, he killed important members of the Yakuza, he was reckless and didn't give a fly about honor and the whole gang. In the meantime, Alex has stolen a Fire Truck needed by Sebastian to cause some distraction in the city, but he forgets about that when he sees a woman trying to commit suicide on a building in Newport. He uses the truck to rescue her, just as she is falling, and then he delivers her to the hospital. After some time, she calls him on the phone, since Alex gave her the number. She introduces herself as Marlene Schultz, and says that she wants to meet him. The two then become a pair and start hanging out with each other. Later on, Koji tasked Alex to deliver some unknown goods via Shoreside Lift Bridge. The bridge suddendly explodes, and Alex manages to escape just in time, but he loses the Yosemite with the goods he was driving. He angrily highjacks a car on the parking lot of FIA and calls Koji about the situation. Yamaguchi lies to Alex that he feels sorry for him, and that the goods were nothing but "cheap western trash". He tells him to meet him at the parking lot of the hospital in Staunton. Alex does so, and once he gets there, Koji tells him the whole story. He killed Kanbu, and he exploded the SL-Bridge, to kill Alex. He sends his Yakuza squad on Alex, but he kills them all, while Koji runs away. The protagonist then calls Marlene to wait for him. Once he picked her up, he explains the situation, and tells her they are going to Sebastian's house in Pike Creek, where they relocate to a mansion in the Hills district in Liberty Upstate.


Alex Szałek - protagonist

Sebastian Ladach - Alex best friend

Zbigniew Nos - Alex 2nd best friend

Marlene Schultz - Alex new girlfriend, later on wife.

Kanbu Kasen - The new Yakuza leader, dies.

Eduard Costeniuc - A Romanian gangster, he becomes a close friend of Alex in Anywhere City.

Donald Love - The main antagonist, killed in the final mission, he ordered Kenji's death and is responsible for the weakening of the Yakuza, he even managed to mess up Alex' wedding.

Koji Yamaguchi - After Kanbu's death, he is appointed. It turns out he killed Kanbu along with Darkel, and is killed by Alex.

Darkel - A hobo who knows more than anyone else, leads the Terrorist gang, and works with Koji. Killed by Alex.

Spadge - Darkel's friend, 2nd-in-command of the LC-Terrorists. He is a fancy ass who dislikes Alex, but doesn't hesitate to give him jobs. Later on killed by Alex too.

Jai Vinnie - DJ of BMOR FM from Anywhere City, he is later on a good friend of the Yakuza, and helps them weaken the Zaibatsu in Anywhere.

Joey Leone - Quartenary antagonist who is killed by Alex to end the Leones.

Ivo Pracownik - A scientist from Clone's Corporation, which is later on in the story led by Alex, he dies during a Suicide Bombers raid.

Ronnie Robson - A sleazy Italian-American rascal that Alex works for because he suspects the Mob is plotting against the Yakuza. He is met in Carcer City and killed on orders of Zbigniew and Eduard.

Turbo - Leader of the Suicide Bombers, accidentally killed by Alex when he bumps into him, setting off a bomb settled on his stomach.

Gerald O'Toole - JD's brother, works with Zbigniew and Alex to disband the Leones.

Wu Lai - Leader of the Upstate Triads, he is a good friend of Alex, Zbigniew and Sebastian. He has some problems with his mind (cross-dresses, talks odd crap), but other than that he is a good guy who helps Alex to kill Love.

King Courtney - Alex doesn't kill him, but makes a deal with him, making the Yakuza and Yardies stronger, by gaining influence in Kingston. He is killed by a Diablo hit squad.

Federico Harrison - Leader of the Downtown Yardies in Upstate, killed by Alex in the explosion of the Industrial Park Bridges.

D-Ice - Leader of the Red Jacks, he is a long time ally with the Yakuza, but he has personal problems, since the Nines sat up a chapter in Upstate, and now they want revenge, by killing D-Ice's girlfriend.

B-Nice - The Chinks leader, he is never seen in person and uses the public phone booth to contact with Alex.

Adolf Heiselberg - He leads the Skinz gang in Carcer. Killed by Alex for being racist and a nazi.

Lionel Starkweather - Seen in person one or two times, Alex and Zbigniew work with him in the snuff porn business, as Zbigniew and other Yakuza members buy them. He remains on good terms with the Yakuza until his death in 2003.

Ramirez - The leader of the Wardogs, he was targeted by Zbigniew for some long time rivality. Nos orders you to kill many of his men. It turns out he was targeted because he and Starkweather were on crappy terms, but they made peace after all and they help each other.

Marianno 'Meat' Zorbenalle - A member of the Leone family, he betrays the mafia by killing Luigi Goterelli. Later on he works with Alex and Zbigniew.

Dave Vauxhall - An affliate of the Colombian Cartel, he at first tries to get Alex killed but later he joins him in wiping out the Colombians, as he gets betrayed by them.

Jenny Tailer - She is a troubled mother and shopkeeper from Anywhere City that has many financial problems. She secretly has a crush on Alex but it wears off when she meets Zbigniew. Alex befriends her after she tries to catch him like a bounty for money, promising that she won't need to worry about any monetary problems. Her shop later on becomes a Yakuza-protected business.

Chin and Chang - Two Asian siblings that work together. Chin is a woman, but she looks really male and is teased because of that. Chang on the other hand acts very selfish and thinks he should become the ruler of the Triads, but his foolishness doesn't let that happen.

Zhou Chong - Brother of Lee Chong that was killed in 2001, leader of the LC Triads. He works with the Yardie leader King Courtney and Alex, he is an important contact during the Portland Wars strand.

Jo - A Triad in his early 50's that loves getting high on drugs. He promises that he will manage to DJ a pirate radio. He is also married.

Yao Sima - Another LC Triad gangster. He is a young recruit that is interested in Techno music and would love to become a bigger member in the organisation.

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