Aleksander Szałek
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Liberty State
Full name: Aleksander Szałek
Also known as: Alex
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Poland
Home: Newport, Staunton Island
Template:H:title: 20x20px-20x20px Polish-Japanese
Family: Unnamed parents
Unnamed grandfather
Asuka Kasen (former girlfriend)
Marlene Schultz (wife)
Main affiliation: Yakuza
Donald Love (undercover)
Sebastian Ladach
Zbigniew Nos
Timmy (deceased)
John Gabe
Marianno Zorbenalle
Eduard Costeniuc
Ronnie Robson (formerly)
The Mob
Portland Triads
Uptown Yardies
Red Jacks
Leone Family (undercover)
Liberty City Terrorists
Jenny Tailer
Sonny Albertiano
Upstate Triads
The Chinks
Lionel Starkweather (deceased) and the Cerberus
Ramirez (deceased)
Vehicle(s): Hellenbach (gift)
Yakuza Stinger
Blue Fat
Beat-up Sentinel
Businesses: tba
Voiced by: me XD
Favorite song: Brain 21 - Something for your Mind (Kaylab Remix)
"Listen. First, we are going to lay low, away from Liberty. We need to make some alliances in Carcer and Upstate. Then I'm going to regain my power in LC, and kill Koji along with his clowns. Otherwise, the Yakuza will be too weak. But as you said, we need to disappear from Love."
―Alex to Marlene, after an ambush sat up by Donald Love.

Aleksander Szałek, known as Alex or Olek is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the protagonist of GTA: Liberty State.

Alex was born in a suburban city in Cuyavia, but was raised in a village. He moved to Liberty City because he had enough of Poland and wanted to escape his past and many people that wanted him dead.


Alex was born in an unknown city, in a hospital, but he was raised in a village called Lubraniec-Parcele. He describes the beginning of his childhood as "happy and calm", even though his mother kicked the father out of the house. However, as he went to primary school, things changed. He had two friends before, they were very closely affliated. However, Olek also had one enemy. That certain rival managed to make Alex' friends betray him and be left alone. Since then, he was teased and disliked for a few years. Sometime later, the class was splitten up. He went to a new one, where things went on even worse. Most people in the new class used to drink a lot, smoke and do drugs. He disliked their habits and tried to get them on the good path, but this failed as a whole and he didn't find no good friend either. The teachers also never liked him and, even though he had good marks, his family was never pleased. At times Alex tried commiting suicide, but he always changed his mind. All the stress made him become nervously ill, having cardiac problems. From that point, he decided to stop being so empty and concluded to leave Poland for America, as soon as he raises some money.

Sometime later, he "reunited" with his father - he went to his place to get the money he owed him, as Alex' father was never paying the alimony. There, he saw him being abused by some Yakuza thugs. It turned out he borrowed money from them and couldn't pay it back. One of the goons was the same age as Olek - it was Zbigniew Nos, a man also of Polish-Japanese origins. They quickly became good friends. Few years later Zbigniew moved to America to go to the funeral of his father, the Shatei-Gashira of the Yakuza in the Liberty State. From then on, Alex was alone in Poland.

Before coming to America, he made some money by being a small time English translator, as Alex had, and still has, a big talent in foreign languages. At the age of 28 he moved to Liberty City and quickly got affliated with the Yakuza. He used to be a good friend of Kazuki Kasen, some say he adviced him on important matters. His skills and friendly nature led him to gain huge respect, even by certain gangsters that never believed a person of mixed nationality could get so high in the ranks. He had a friendly rivalry with Kenichi Asobinin and Koji Yamaguchi, the rivalry between Olek and Koji was much more intense than the one with Kenichi, though, Koji even at one point joked about putting a hit on Alex, unlike Kenichi who only engaged in street racing with him. In spring 2000, Olek met Asuka Kasen. He liked her since the day he saw her, she didn't see nothing important in him and merely considered him as a friend. After she and Mike broke up, he made her feel better and eventually revealed her that he loves her. The two remained as a great pair until October 2001, the time Asuka and Kenji have been killed by Colombians, as he thought.

Apart from having alliances in the Yakuza, Alex developed a close friendship with another Pole, Sebastian Ladach. Sebastian was only an Internet friend, but sooner or later they met in Poland, and he moved to America too. Other friends include D-Ice from the Red Jacks and Zhou Chong from the LC Triads.

Events of GTA: Liberty StateEdit

The feral day when Asuka has been murdered by Catalina, he went to Donald Love to work for him undercover. He always had an eye on him and suspected him to have been responsible for the weakening of many gangs around the city. Love ordered him to go to the construction site in Fort Staunton to see a surprise. He goes there, but in turn he sees Asuka dead, and Claude leaning over the body, as he would've been checking if she's alive or not. They meet for a few brief seconds, as Claude was escaping, Olek asked him "What the fuck just happened?! Did you kill her?!". Claude nodded as he'd say "No." and escaped. Alex quickly got his facts together and sends a message to Kanbu Kasen, the cousin of Asuka about what happened. Then he drives his Yakuza Stinger to the Love Media Building. There he sees the Oriental Gentleman talking to Love, who is sitting in a Stanier. He quickly gives chase. Donald Love escapes to Francis International Airport and takes a plane somewhere else. Alex, however, gets ambushed by some hitmen at the gates of the airport. "No one fucks with Love, die you Yakuza crossbreed!" "You moron, you told our intentions!" "Sorry..." Soon he gets shot and beaten up by them, even though he manages to kill two of the hitmen. He is then sent to the hospital with policemen asking what happened. He lies to save himself by saying that the two guys killed each other, and another one shot him.

In February 2002, Aleksander gets released from the hospital and the first thing he does, is going to Kanbu and his friends to tell him about the situation. He is very angry about what happened and swears revenge. During the time he works for Kanbu, he also works for Kenichi and Koji. Apart from that, he is hired by Zhou Chong to help him with some Triad problems. Thus, Olek gains a safehouse in Chinatown. Sebastian comes from "his holiday" back to Liberty City. He is living in Staunton Island, but he has a large factory in Pike Creek. It counts as another safehouse. Another character being very close to Alex is a Polish-American youngster named Timmy. He has seen Alex as a father figure, due to him trying to get a name in the criminal underworld, and to get some money together. Olek brang him off the street and bought him a place just close by to his own. His death has made Aleksander very depressed. During a job for Sebastian, Alex has to get a Firetruck. As he makes his way to Torrington to deliver it, he sees some guy standing by a skyscrapper in Newport. He tells his neighbor wants to commit suicide. Olek doesn't hesitate and stops, using the firetruck's ladder he climbs up higher and manages to catch the woman. Then, he drives her to the hospital, since she is very weak. On the drive he introduces himself to her, so does she. Her name is Marlene Schultz, and asks Alex to give her his phone number. Then she falls unsconsious. Later on, Alex delivers the Firetruck for the job.




Aleksander is an Eastern-European man with Asian features in his 30's. He has jet black hair and green eyes. He appears to be somewhat tall in comparison with other characters and is most likely 1.85m. He has a faint five'o clock shadow, but it's not seen very well. Due to his heart conditions, he is not as fit as the other protagonist of the 3D Universe and after a short run he'll start jogging. Olek is very fast though, which implies he is not too fat. This compliments with his slender and muscly appearance. He has a scar on his right cheek which is the result of a dog biting him at the age of 4. Alex also approves the style of being a "raver", enjoying white t-shirts and jeans. In the first safehouse in Newport, there is a picture of a younger Alex, presumably at the time when he arrived to Liberty City. There, he had shorter hair and a short moustache. Under the players choice

Earlier timesEdit

In the Pre-Alpha versions, Alex was a simple reskin of Claude. He looked very dumb this way and his appearance was revamped quickly.

Personality and traitsEdit

Olek is shown to be a very depressed and pessimistic person. He is shown to have a very grown up personality and never jokes. His highly cynical and realistic sense of life is the result of his school life. However, apart from those negative feelings, Alex is very soft and caring about the people close around to him. He is willing to kill anyone that might harm his wife or his friends. He is very honest and never lies, which makes him a profitable hitman, as he never betrays anyone. Despite being very warmhearted and friendly in nature, Alex doesn't take betrayal lightly. His childhood made him turn into a sociopatic killer machine, as seen when he murders his former classmates. He even goes to the point to chop one of them into pieces with a fire axe, yelling brutal insults and laughing as his blood squirts onto his face. This makes Olek a very powerful person, when he's carried by his emotions. Some say he was a rapist in the past, such as Zbigniew mentioning during one mission: "Just like in the old times, like when you used to knock down thousands of milfs." Apart from that, he has some perversion to the people he kills, but not necrophilia. Sometimes he will make a sarcastic remark, especially if it's a female body he sees. However, he is disgusted by cannibalism and drugs. Mostly due to him, most of the narcotics disappeared from Liberty City's streets, but nevertheless, they are very common in the whole state, and even his closest friends like Zhou Chong or Wu Lai deal them.

Alex is considered as a hipster by some, even though he is against him being called like that, and prefers the term of "undergrounder". Mainstream, especially the Polish kind, is not very well taken by him, and he prefers things that are not very popular amongst others. His favorite music genres are Jungle, Techno, House and other electronic types, which might be a slight stereotype, seeing as many Asian people tend to like electronic music. He hates Disco Polo though. Alex doesn't seem to be interested in coming back to Poland, even though he hates America too. He is highly against capitalism, but he's not too keen on communism either. This is pointed out by him considering all politicians as corrupt, hypocritic and crooked as crime bosses.

Olek has a degree of honor and seems kind of stubborn. When he says he's going to kill someone, he WILL do it, no matter what. His stubbornes is brought up by the fact that he was never higher over anyone and wants to show the people around him that he is powerful. He also has a very explosive temper, and in a small fit of rage he can cause multiple injuries to someone. Alex also seems to be very rude at times, cursing a lot in English, but he almost never curses in Polish or Japanese. He can speak many languages, those being Polish, Japanese, English, German and bits of Russian and Chinese.

If it comes to alcohol, Olek knows the right time for some wine or vodka. He usually drinks a lot after something big happens, or something makes him depressed, such situation being Timmy's or Sonny's death, for example.

Despite the positive notes, he also has a bad side. Alex is very evil and corrupted by his past, not caring about innocents during any crazy missions he performs, even going as far as working as a human butcher during the "Butcher" side mission. Unlike other people, he didn't seem disgusted by Lionel Starkweather's snuff porn business. After he became the oyabun of the Yakuza in Liberty City, Olek decided to move the gang further into the state, even if it would cost the lifes of many people. His deep will to do revenge on others is brought up many times in the story.

Alex doesn't really seem to care about other's opinions

Characters murdered by Aleksander SzałekEdit

(not in order)

  • Spadge - Murdered for trying to make Alex betray the Yakuza and to disband the Liberty City Terrorists.
  • Darkel - Murdered for trying to kill Alex and his friends and to disband the Liberty City Terrorists.
  • Joey Leone - Murdered to disband the Leone Family and to end the Portland Wars.
  • Marco - Murdered to disband the Leone Family.
  • Mickey Hamfists - Murdered to diband the Leone Family.
  • Unnamed classmates - Murdered for ruining his childhood.
  • Koji Yamaguchi - Murdered for trying to kill Alex and his friends, killing Katashi Kasen, weakening the Yakuza, making alliances with the Leone Family and LC Terrorists and for kicking Alex out of the mafia.
  • Donald Love - Murdered for trying to kill Alex and his friends, ordering the death of Kenji Kasen, subsequently leading to the weakening of the Yakuza and the death of Asuka Kasen, trying to take over the city, dealing drugs, being corrupt and commonly charging attacks on the Yakuza.
  • Dymitr Czapski - Murdered for being one of Love's new lawyers.
  • Cezary Baranowski - Murdered for being one of Love's new lawyers.
  • Turbo - Murdered by accident by pushing him, triggering a suicide bomb to go off.
  • Yamazaki - Murdered during his 3rd random encounter for setting Alex up on many occasions.
  • El Bandanna - Murdered on orders of his manager to get him more money.
  • El Burro - Murdered for killing King Courtney.
  • Ronnie Robson - Murdered for lying to him.
  • Owen - Murdered on orders of Wu Lai for not paying his protection money.
  • Lawrence - Murdered on orders of Zbigniew for trying to destroy the Shoreside Lift Bridge a second time.
  • Giuliano Forelli - Murdered on orders of Sonny Albertiano.
  • Mr. Tailer - Murdered for betraying Jenny Tailer and trying to kill her and her son.
  • Old Oriental Gentleman - Murdered for working for Donald Love, accidentally killed because Alex thought he has blown up Donald Love in the Dodo.
  • Nick Love - Murdered by accident by crashing a plane into the Love Media Building, because Alex thought his father was there.
  • Leon - Murdered for killing Timmy and for being a member of the Leone Family.
  • Ronnie's wife - Murdered after finding out where Ronnie is.
  • Juang Yee - Murdered on orders of Zhou Chong for murdering some Triads and stealing a fish van.

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